JVR Trial Excellence Awards 2022

Plaintiff Attorney Achievement Awards

Robert S. Baizer Early in his career, Bob Baizer honed his trial skills as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Lake County, Illinois, where he tried major felonies including murder, rape and incest cases. In 1978, he started his own practice, and ten years later earned the then-largest medical malprac- tice verdict ($18.6 million) in the State of Illinois. He’s also proud to have secured one of the nation’s largest medical malpractice verdicts ($29.8 million). As a member of the Lake County Wrongful Convic- tions Committee, Bob played an active role in a declaration of inno- cence for a man serving ten years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of murder. Bob was active on the ITLA Board of Managers for 25 years and the AAJ Board of Governors for 20 years.. In 2012, Bob was appointed a Special Assistant State’s Attorney in Lake County, Illinois. In 2019, his firm merged with the firm of Romanucci & Blandin where he is now Senior Counsel.

FIRM INFO Romanucci & Blandin is a national trial practice committed to fighting for victims of negligence, abuse and wrong - ful death arising from police misconduct, corporate negligence, civil rights actions, medical malpractice, mass shootings, mass torts and class actions. The attorneys’ steadfast commitment to fighting for those seeking justice around the country has helped the firm obtain multiple verdicts and settlements in the millions of dollars. The Chicago-based personal injury lawyers are dedicated to providing victims who suffered injury as a result of another’s wrongdoing full and fair compensation in a diligent, professional, skilled and caring manner.

Bradley M. Cosgrove Bradley M. Cosgrove is the quintessential trial lawyer. Even dur- ing the pandemic in 2021, he took two cases to trial, obtaining an $18.15 million verdict on behalf of a teenager struck by a truck who suffered brain damage (Dec. 2021) and a $3.35 million verdict against a neurologist who negligently treated a brain tumor as migraines (June 2021). In July 2022, he obtained a $5.2 million verdict, a record in the state of Illinois for an unborn fetus. In the first half of 2022, he obtained more than $100 million in settlements and verdicts. Brad has received numerous accolades recognizing his superior trial skills. The National Trial Lawyers named him one of the Top 100 Law- yers in the country.

FIRM INFO Together, the lawyers at Clifford Law Offices represent hundreds of

years of practice in the area of personal injury and wrongful death law, particularly aviation and transportation litiga- tion. Every member of the firm upholds the highest principles of the legal profession in placing the individual client first. The firm sets the standard for professional excellence. As a result of the litigation handled by Clifford Law Offices, many defective products and dangerous practices have been changed or abandoned altogether.


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