Women in Law 2022

KAREN MUNOZ PARTNER Dolan Law K aren Munoz is a lawyer and wellness advocate. As a managing partner at Dolan Law, a boutique trial law firm, she is dedicated to serving and representing clients who have suffered traumatic injuries and who have been victims of crime. Her work on cases has led to impactful changes in laws designed to better protect people. Working towards positive change through advocacy whenever possible is a tenet of her practice. As a personal injury attorney, she has had the privilege of representing a diverse range of clients. Being the first-born child of immigrants to go onto higher education has helped deepen her connection and better understand her clients. Her ability to communicate in two languages has been a great benefit in the practice. She has helped clients from all backgrounds through unimaginable trauma and tragedy. From clients who have been sexually assaulted, whose children have been shot and killed, and who have suffered traumatic brain injuries that have changed the course of their lives. Her representation and duty to these clients has been not only to advocate her hardest for civil justice on their behalf, but to be a trusted counselor and walk through their pain, loss, and grief alongside them. A lot of her practice is devoted to helping clients lead better lives. While a legal matter may have brought them to Dolan Law, she seeks ways in which to help empower those who have had their agency and power taken from them through trauma or tragedy. Woven through her practice are finding ways to encourage and support clients. Ms. Munoz is very active in the legal community. In 2016, she joined the Board of Ascend Justice (formerly the Domestic Violence Legal Clinic). She now serves as President of the Board. The mission of Ascend is to empower individuals and families impacted by gender-based violence or the child welfare system to achieve safety and stability through holistic legal advocacy and system reform. Ascend Justice provides free legal assistance to survivors of gender- based violence and families impacted by the child welfare system. Wellness and mindfulness for lawyers and in the workplace is very important to Karen. She is a certified yoga teacher and has taught pro bono yoga for the Illinois Lawyers Assistance Program. She was a member of the Illinois Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being. She is vigorously engaged in teaching, writing, and providing workshops that promote lawyer well-being by serving on legal committees and providing wellness support to law firms and legal organizations. Since the start of her career, she has been a contributor on wellness topics for a variety of Law Bulletin publications. She is a firm believer that we can truly serve our client’s best-interests and fulfill our ethical obligations by being healthy and balanced individuals.




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