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“Dave stands out from a very distinguished body of attorneys across the United States as a thought leader and an innovator.”

W inning results matter. And few in- surance coverage specialists deliv- er them with as much consistency as does David Buishas. Buishas, a partner with Chicago’s Bates- Carey, represents domestic and interna- tional insurers at both the trial and appel- late levels, earning successful decisions for his clients in state and federal courts across the country. Drew Campbell, partner with the law firm Bricker & Eckler in Columbus, Ohio, has worked with Buishas and his team on COVID-19 business interruption cases in the state of Ohio. This hasn’t been easy work. Inconsistencies in the Ohio court system led to the Supreme Court of Ohio accepting a series of certified questions designed to create uniformity in the low- er courts. Campbell said that Buishas has been instrumental in framing the argu- ments that ultimately led to the court’s acceptance of these cases. “The Ohio Supreme Court rarely ac- cepts certified questions, which highlights Dave’s exceptional work,” Campbell said. “It is also notable that Dave is a deeply collaborative person, who includes and af- firms all members of the team. The same qualities make him an effective advocate and an exceptional professional to oppos- ing counsel and courts alike. Dave models the highest aspirations of the Bar.” Campbell said that Buishas has also turned in stellar work while serving as national coordinating counsel for a large insurance company that is defending coverage claims for COVID-19-related business closures. He has been integral in

developing strategies that have won dis- missal of the vast majority of the cases his team is defending, Campbell said. “Given the enormous exposure -- in the trillions of dollars -- and the large number of cases filed nation-wide, the COVID cov- erage cases are the most consequential litigation in America today,” Campbell said. “Dave stands out from a very distinguished body of attorneys across the United States as a thought leader and an innovator in these historic coverage cases.” Another good example of Buishas’ le- gal skills? Buishas successfully resolved a contentious reinsurance dispute involving a $28 million consent judgment and bad faith claims for failure to settle. Mike Skoglund, Vice President at Arch Insurance Company, has long worked with Buishas and attested to his extraordinary record of success. Skoglund says that Bui- shas is “an exceptionally gifted litigator with great instincts, creative strategies, and a discerning eye for quickly under- standing and absorbing key details.” In addition to his insurance work, Bui- shas also has developed a reputation for successfully litigating cases involving product liability, railroad liability, breach of contract, and civil rights claims. For example, Buishas serves as coordinating counsel for a national nonprofit organiza- tion that provides behavioral and mental health services in correctional facilities. He also serves as counsel for a Fortune 100 waste company, a national alarm company, and several short-line railroads, further demonstrating his diversified practice and breadth of experience.

FIRM BatesCarey LLP

LAW SCHOOL Saint Louis University School of Law AREA OF PRACTICE Insurance coverage litigation, commercial litigation



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