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He is putting his entire heart and soul into the work.”

R ohit Kapuria has earned the trust and confidence of both his clients and his fellow attorneys. These important attri- butes help explain how Rohit has risen to partner status so quickly at the national law firm of Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr. Outside of Kapuria’s work with public and private companies, this skilled attor- ney is a highly respected expert in the global financing space; specifically, with- in the EB-5 investor visa program. Since 2017, he has been voted as one of the top 25 EB-5 attorneys within this space. Kapu- ria regularly represents lenders, borrow- ers, banks, real estate developers, EB-5 investors and offshore migration brokers in the context of the EB-5 program. In the last eight years alone, Mr. Kapuria has structured well over 300 EB-5 transac- tions that have a combined development cost in excess of $7.2 billion around the US. Recently, Kapuria has focused on de- veloping the EB-5 market within the Indian and Gulf region countries. In fact, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, he traveled to India, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar some six to eight times a year in a bid to develop his growing network of broker dealers and private equity investors. Aside from his involvement in the EB-5 program, Mr. Kapuria also serves as the Vice Chair of his firm’s Opportunity Zone practice and works on several real estate financing projects that qualify for such tax incentives under the program. As such, his expertise and passion falls within the niche of non-traditional private equity financing, particularly within the real estate space. Kapuria’s peers aren’t surprised at his success, both with his more traditional corporate practice and his EB-5 work.

“Rohit is a serious and bright attorney,” said Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based attor- ney Osvaldo Torres. “I found him to be careful and thoughtful in all of our deal- ings. I was especially impressed with his insights leading to practical and mature solutions. It is this aspect regarding the maturity of his insights and approach to problem-solving that is exceptional.” Jill Jones, general counsel with JTC USA Holdings, Inc., describes Kapuria as a thought leader in the EB-5 field. She also ranked him as her go-to resource for questions in this field. “He is kind and patient, and no matter what obstacles arise, he focuses on get- ting the matter closed,” Jones said. “But Rohit isn’t looking for statistics or trying to close as many matters as possible. He is putting his entire heart and soul into the work, whether that means working all hours of the night to be available for his clients or traveling to places like India, UAE, and Qatar to deliver personal service and face-to-face contact.” Philadelphia-based attorney David San- tee has worked closely with Kapuria on immigration matters. He’s always come away impressed. “He has the ability to process a large amount of information quickly and retain that information throughout the pro- cess. His judgment is superb, far more advanced than most lawyers with the same number of years of experience,” Santee said. “He also has strong analyt- ical and creative problem-solving skills. Practicing in a developing area such as EB-5, these skills have helped to distin- guish Mr. Kapuria as one of the top law- yers in his field.”

FIRM Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP

LAW SCHOOL Lewis and Clark Law School AREA OF PRACTICE General corporate, securities law and global financing specialist



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