40 Under Forty 2021



He is known as a well-prepared and professional litigator, respected by his partners and opponents.”

R aymond Rushing has managed to build a successful practice in a com- plex and competitive area of law while also serving his community and inspiring others. As remarkable as this might be, he wouldn’t dream of doing one thing with- out the other. For Rushing, success means lifting others as you climb. Rushing clearly has the knowledge, skills, intelligence, and dedication to build a top practice. He also has the empathy needed to best understand the goals and needs of his clients. This combination helps explain how Rushing has been able to build a dedicat- ed base of repeat clients, including execu- tives at Fortune 100 companies, who turn to him for all their product liability needs. “He is a titan in the courtroom,” said Chicago attorney Brian Iverson. “Ray- mond has been known to negotiate fiercely on behalf of his clients.” An example of these skills? Rushing tried an international breach-of-contract case during the COVID-19 pandemic for an Israeli company against a home-grown Illinois defendant. Despite the challenges brought by the case, Rushing won a signif- icant victory for his client. “He is known as a well-prepared and professional litigator, respected by his partners and opponents,” said Marga- ret O’Mara Frossard, associate dean for professionalism and career strategy at the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law. “Together with passion he brings fairness and civility to each case he han- dles. He is a natural-born litigator with

exceptional lawyering skills who regularly earns successful results for his clients.” Rushing’s peers are not shy about heaping praise on this talented attorney. Just consider Chicago attorney William Iverson. He has known Rushing since 2012, when the two attended law school togeth- er. Iverson said that Rushing displayed his sense of empathy from a young age. “Raymond is one of the nicest and most generous people I have ever met,” Iver- son said. “Raymond assisted me with a study program in law school that helped me graduate and pass the bar exam. Most students in law school are only looking out for themselves. But Raymond was always there to help. I truly believe he has carried that with him in his professional career.” Caitlin Galasso of Winston & Strawn echoed those remarks, adding that Rushing is a mentor to young attorneys, one who is consistently generous with his time. “He uses his power to help advocate for and to lift up those behind him,” Ga- lasso said. “It is a testament to his remark- able character. Raymond truly pays it for- ward and leaves every place and person his amazing soul touches better than they were when he found them.” Rushing, when not serving his clients, is an active and supportive member in the legal profession and his community. Most notably, he is actively involved with the Cook County Bar Association and Build Chicago, one of Chicago’s leading gang intervention, violence prevention, and youth development organizations.

FIRM Riley Safer Holmes & Cancila LLP LAW SCHOOL University of Illinois Chicago School of Law AREA OF PRACTICE Product Liability & Mass Torts



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