40 Under Forty 2023

H is peers call attorney Daniel Broderick an outstanding litigator and fierce advocate for his clients. They also point to his strong sense of ethics, tireless work ethic and long list of positive results as proof that Broderick ranks among the top medical malpractice/personal injury attorneys in the city. One nominator, a retired judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County, says that Broderick appeared before him when he served as a trial judge. Broderick represented a client in a jury trial on a medical malpractice matter, securing a defense verdict. The nominator said that Broderick’s skills and arguments greatly contributed to the successful result. “Dan was very comfortable with both connecting to the jury and the handling of the complex medical issues he confronted during trial,” the nominator said. “He is a very bright and tireless attorney who operates at the highest professional level. At the same time, I have known Dan to be a very ethical and respectful attorney. He is an outstanding represen- tative of attorneys in the Illinois bar.” Erin Davis, an attorney with Chicago’s Donohue Brown Mathewson & Smyth, pointed to the fact that Broderick has already first-chaired cases even at his young age while achieving successful outcomes for his clients as proof that this young attorney is a rising star in his field. Broderick has also achieved the impressive task of switching from the defense side of medical malpractice/personal injury litigation to the plaintiff’s side, all without showing any signs of slowdown to his stream of notable victories for his clients. “Now that he has changed sides to the plaintiff’s side, Dan is still a pleasure to work with,” Davis said. “That change can be difficult for some, but Dan has handled it with grace. I have witnessed Dan success- fully argue substantive, dispositive motions for his clients with civility, confidence and legal expertise.” Broderick’s peers also cite his keen legal mind as a reason for his suc- cess. As they say, he sometimes understands the medical aspects of a case better than the physicians involved. Broderick is also considered a strong writer who his peers say has au- thored some of the finest motions and briefs that they have read. This young attorney has a talent for taking complicated issues and explaining them in a way that is understandable to a lay person, an important talent in medical malpractice actions. “Dan Broderick exemplifies what this award means,” said Sean Houlihan, an attorney with Power Rogers, LLP in Chicago. “Dan is a law- yer’s lawyer. Whether he is analyzing a legal issue; writing a legal brief, taking or defending a deposition, arguing a motion or giving an opening statement at trial, Dan is a true professional and the best at what he does. Dan’s various talents were evident to me when he was a law clerk 15 years ago and his skills have only grown over the years. He is a true professional.”


AGE 39

FIRM Levin & Perconti

LAW SCHOOL University of Illinois Chicago School of Law

AREA OF PRACTICE Medical malpractice, personal injury


He is a very bright and tireless attorney who operates at the highest professional level.”



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