40 Under Forty 2023

L auren DaValle has excelled in both the criminal and civil practice areas, making a seamless transition from serving as a prosecutor to thriving in the private sector. How has DaValle made this jump? While handling a busy private prac- tice, DaValle has built upon the same skills that made her a successful prosecutor: a deep knowledge of the law, an unwavering commitment to those she represents, no hesitation to put in the long hours neces- sary and an ability to craft the best possible solutions for the people she represents. Laura Leahy, assistant general counsel with Teamsters Local 700, said that DaValle’s success in both the criminal and private arenas is no sur- prise to anyone who has followed this young attorney’s career. “When Lauren was a prosecutor, she excelled at successfully manag- ing an extremely high case volume, while giving each and every victim the time and attention of which they were so deserving,” Leahy said. “She has been able to maintain this skill set in the private sector where her clients are oftentimes local politicians and municipalities that re- quire her undivided attention, too.” DaValle’s peers cite this young attorney’s combination of top legal skills and calm demeanor as one of the secrets to her success. Deborah Chessick, with Chicago’s The Chessick Law Group, met DaValle when the pair worked together in the Traffic Division of the office of the Cook County State’s Attorney. There, Chessick saw first- hand how talented DaValle is. “She has perhaps has the very best dis- position I’ve ever seen in a litigator,” Chessick said. “She’s intelligent, sharp, hard-working and prepared, but is simultaneously calm, kind and even-keeled.” When she was 16, DaValle had a heart transplant. Her peers, though, say that DaValle has never let this slow her down. Mayor Mary Alexander-Basta of the Village of Bolingbrook had this to say about DaValle, “I can attest to her diligence and thoroughness in reviewing contracts, preparing legislation, and handling various litigation matters.” DaValle has represented Village of Lyon’s for about ten years, Christo- pher Getty Mayor, of the Village of Lyons Supervisor, Township of Lyons, “Lauren’s representation in our litigation cases helps us save valuable dollars that must be spent on vital Village services such as police and fire protection. Recently, she won a case for the Village where its decision to demolish an unsafe and hazardous property was upheld.” Getty con- tinued, “Her talents and aggressive representation have allowed me the luxury of concentrating my efforts in other municipal areas.” When not representing her clients, DaValle donates her time to her community and profession. She sits on the Judicial Evaluation Commit- tee for the Chicago Bar Association and is a member of the Justinian Society. She is a volunteer with Lurie Children’s Hospital and mentors fellow heart transplant patients.


AGE 3 8

FIRM Odelson, Murphey, Frazier and McGrath, Ltd.

LAW SCHOOL University of Illinois Chicago School of Law

AREA OF PRACTICE Civil litigation and municipal law


Lauren’s representation in our litigation cases helps us save valuable dollars.”



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