40 Under Forty 2023

A ndrew (“Andy”) Gilbert has had little trouble attracting new clients. Those who have observed his career say that this isn’t surprising: Gilbert has built a reputation as one of the hardest-working attorneys in Chicago, and as one who is especially dedicated to his clients and deliv- ering stellar representation throughout client engagements. This mergers-and-acquisitions, venture capital and general corporate law attorney has impressed his fellow attorneys, too. He made partner at Croke Fairchild Duarte & Beres at the young age of 32 and has since been named co-chair of the firm’s corporate group where he has taken on an ever expanding administrative and technical role at the firm. This isn’t surprising, either, considering that Gilbert regularly closes transac- tions ranging from tens of millions of dollars to tens of billions of dollars, and across industries ranging from high-tech, food service, aerospace, medical device, SaaS, insurance, oil and gas, and many others. “Andy has an innate sense of complex transactions, structures and issues, and is able to break them down so that his clients easily un- derstand the deal points,” said Mark Plandowski, general counsel with Agman Partners. “His writing is excellent and has made him a popular choice for journals and news outlets looking for legal content. He’s also an excellent mentor, and even as an associate was quick to help more junior associates understand a concept or develop their careers.” Delilah Jenkins, vice president and chief counsel at Trustmark, worked closely with Gilbert when the two were colleagues at Croke Fairchild Duarte & Beres. Jenkins said that she quickly identified Gilbert as an attorney to watch. Gilbert stepped in several times to help Jenkins with many of her clients. Thanks to Gilbert’s lawyering skills, Jenkins said, she was able to close a deal that was initially brought to her as a partner buyout but quickly turned into a stock purchase agreement with lots of twists and turns throughout the transaction. Recently, Hilary Lee, a senior software engineer at CityBase, needed a referral for outside counsel to represent a close friend and her exec- utive team in evaluating a series of potential transactions. Her friend confided in Lee that the executive team was evaluating several potential future options and needed a fierce advocate to ensure that her team was appropriately represented and protected. Lee said that she immediately thought of Gilbert. “I knew he would be the right choice for my friend given his extensive experience with complex transactions in the venture capital space,” Lee said. Lee was right. Her friend, who is the CEO of a healthcare-based technology company, has raved to Lee that she has been thrilled with Gilbert's representation ever since. Gilbert’s extensive knowledge of both the business and legal issues that arise during corporate transactions has earned him the position of a trusted advisor and thought partner to many clients. His clients praise his comprehensive support across the life cycle of deals, and often pay the ultimate compliment by referring other friends and family to Gilbert for their most sensitive legal and practical needs.


AGE 34

FIRM Croke Fairchild Duarte & Beres

LAW SCHOOL Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

AREA OF PRACTICE Mergers & acquisitions, venture capital and business counseling


Andy has an innate sense of complex transactions, structures and issues, and is able to break them down so that his clients easily understand the deal points.”



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