40 Under Forty 2023

R anking as one of her firm’s youngest partners, Christina Mermigas has wasted little time in building a reputation as one of the Chicago area’s top estate planning and asset protection attorneys. Her peers praise Mermigas as a gifted dealmaker who builds strong relationships with her clients. She’s also dedicated to her craft, turning in long hours to hone her legal skills and finding innovative ways to solve perplexing, often systemic issues to meet client needs. Licensed in Florida and Illinois, Christina has sought to proactively empower her diverse clients — from businesses to young professionals, from her fellow ice hockey players to elderly couples — with a reassur- ing approach to explaining complex concepts that span tax, personal finance and retirement planning. Her high level of knowledge and expe- rience equips her to address the most complex, high-stake estate mat- ters and develop individually and artfully crafted estate and business succession plans for her clients that sustain prosperity for generations to come. “Christina is brilliant in her research, writing and analysis. What sets her apart is the wonderful way in which she can communicate com- plex information to individuals and make it relatable,” said Lindsey Paige Markus, leader of the Estate Planning & Asset protection practice at Chicago’s Chuhak & Tecson, P.C. “She also knows how to artfully con- sole a client during a difficult time and offer words of encouragement to help them through their crisis.” How dedicated and attentive is Mermigas to her clients? She routine- ly visits the homes and businesses of her clients who may have mobility issues, are elderly or who have younger children. She also has a knack for making each client and colleague feel special and appreciated. “Christina is adaptable and creative,” Markus said. “When a roadblock is reached with one solution, she quickly identifies another way to solve the problem.” At Chuhak & Tecson, Mermigas sits on the Strategic Development Committee and is an ambassador of the firm’s successful Women Helping Women program. As part of the Strategic Development Committee, Mermigas helped spearhead a firm-wide effort to synergize practice groups and attorneys, modernize procedures and create efficiencies. She also co-managed the revamp of the firm’s estate planning templates, a huge undertaking and one that illustrates the trust her colleagues have in her. “Christina is the best in the estate planning business,” said Sarah Holtzman, attorney with Chicago’s Kogut & Wilson. “She will drop ev- erything during the weekend if her clients need her. Her dedication to her practice and clients is unmatched.” Noor Abdulmassih, attorney with Chicago’s LaMonica & Sprague, describes Mermigas as an all-star attorney. “She is an expert in her field, but also understands and empathizes with the challenges that her clients face.” “She is kind and dedicates her energy and soul in all that she does, not only in the legal sector, but in the personal sphere, too,” Abdulmassih said.


AGE 34

FIRM Chuhak & Tecson, P.C.

LAW SCHOOL DePaul University College of Law

AREA OF PRACTICE Estate planning and asset protection


When a roadblock is reached with one solution, she quickly identifies another way to solve the problem.”



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