40 Under Forty 2023

D elicacy and skill. That’s how family law specialist Benton Page handles the often complex and emotional cases he takes on at Chicago’s Beermann. Those are important qualities for family law attorneys to possess. Divorce cases are often contentious. An attorney who can bring calm to the proceedings, along with a deep knowledge of family law, is essential. Page has built a thriving family law career by bringing both that calm demeanor and authority to his cases. “Frankly, I thought Ben was much older before we first met in person, as he has the demeanor and expertise of a partner with 30-plus years of experience,” said Andrew Cunniff, an attorney with Chicago’s Galarnyk & Associates. “His knowledge of family law is encyclopedic, and he has handled even the most high-value, complex and emotional and sensitive cases with ease and outstanding results.” Cynthia Baruck, an attorney with Stein & Stein Ltd. in Chicago, says that Page routinely earns the best results for his clients both when taking cases to litigation and when negotiating settlements. Baruck says that Page is a thoughtful, creative and even-tempered presence inside and outside the courtroom. His pragmatic approach to litigation and negotiation has proven successful for his clients, she said. “Ben is organized, thorough and approaches both litigation and ne- gotiations in an entirely professional manner,” Baruck said. “He always advocates zealously while maintaining respect for the process, the liti- gants, opposing counsel and the court.” Scott Kramer, an attorney with Chicago’s GMR Family Law, has nego- tiated at least five premarital agreements and one divorce settlement with Page. In each instance, Page acted in the most professional of man- ners while still advocating fiercely for his client, Kramer said. Kramer also praised Page for his attention to detail when drafting agreements and his willingness to remain open to fresh ideas. “Benton is pragmatic, calm-tempered and thoughtful in his approach to family law,” Kramer said. “While he has extensive litigation experi- ence, he has well-honed negotiating skills and attempts to reinforce to his clients the benefits of focusing on solutions in their case rather than acting emotionally. He is everything someone would want in a family law attorney.” Page has also built a stellar reputation with his fellow attorneys and judges, said Staci Balbirer, an attorney with Aronberg Goldgehn Davis & Garmisa in Chicago. “When I see Ben’s name as the opposing counsel of my case, I know that I’m getting a straight shooter,” Balbirer said. “He is someone I know and respect in this division. Ben never made a ‘show’ out of our case, but instead truly was interested in obtaining the best result without pro- longed and piecemeal litigation.”


AGE 39

FIRM Beermann LLP

LAW SCHOOL University of Iowa College of Law



His knowledge of family law is encyclopedic.”



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