40 Under Forty 2023

G reat tenacity and devotion to his clients. That is what his peers say sets plaintiff’s medical malpractice attorney David Rashid apart from his peers. Kevin Burke, of counsel with Chicago’s Coplan and Crane, recalls working a medical negligence case with Rashid, who was serving as sec- ond chair. Burke said that he and Rashid faced an outstanding lawyer and law firm. Still, the pair earned a significant settlement at the close of the plaintiff’s case. Burke credited Rashid’s work as being essential to earn- ing this favorable settlement. “With David, it begins with an unwillingness to accept incomplete knowledge of an issue in the case,” Burke said. “With great tenacity and devotion to his client, David examines and analyzes all aspects of the case, discovery, investigation, legal issues, trial preparation and trial. As a person, his capacity for work is limitless. As an advocate, he acts with respect to all parties and a hunger for justice.” Throughout his career, Rashid has served as the lead attorney or co- lead counsel on 10 medical malpractice trials. In addition, he’s logged more than 35 settlements in excess of $1 million. That’s an enviable track record, especially for an attorney who has yet to hit his 40th birthday. Rashid played a key role, too, in a Cook County trial that resulted in the highest verdict for a suicide case in Illinois. Mark Smith of Smith Blake Hill LLC had this to say about Rashid, “I have known few lawyers who know their cases like David knows his.” Smith continued, “He works harder than many of the lawyers I’ve en- countered in my thirty-two years of practice. He is well on his way to many successful “wins” at the negotiating table and in the courtroom.” While Rashid primarily practices law in Chicago, his peers say he has also maintained a positive presence and been a supporter of his roots in Peoria and the Central Illinois area leading him to hold several record settlements throughout the state. “David Rashid is one of the premiere under-40 medical malpractice attorneys in Illinois,” said Ian White, an attorney with Cassidy & Mueller in Peoria, Illinois. “David has been an exceptional advocate for the peo- ple in his hometown and the Central Illinois area. He serves his clients in the form of support, answers and closure.” Chicago attorney Brian Monico, with the law office of Hale & Monico, says that Rashid pours himself into each of his cases and de- velops strong relationships with his clients. He treats his clients with respect and keeps them informed of every detail of their cases. And when Monico takes on a medical malpractice case? He quickly calls Rashid to get this skilled attorney’s thoughts on liability and issues of causation. “The cases that David is trying are extremely difficult medical mal- practice cases with several experts and complicated liability and damag- es, all of which David handles with grace and class,” Monico said. Rashid has also written articles for a variety of plaintiff bar publica- tions and has lectured in front of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association and the University of Notre Dame School of Law.


AGE 37

FIRM Salvi, Schostok and Pritchard

LAW SCHOOL George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School

AREA OF PRACTICE Medical negligence


He is well on his way to many successful “wins” at the negotiating table and in the courtroom.”



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