40 Under Forty 2023

R esults matter in the world of plaintiff’s personal injury. And Stephanie Rubin, a force in this area of practice, has already earned several million-dollar-plus verdicts and settlements for her clients, all before the age of 40. This includes four Cook County verdicts that Rubin recently earned: last November for $5.3 million, a second for $5.5 million, a third for $3.8 million and she had fourth verdict this past June Gottstein v. Univ of Chicago Med Center for 1.35 million. What makes impressive victories such as these so common for Rubin? Her peers point to her top-notch litigation skills, sharp legal mind, unmatched work ethic, commitment to her clients and presence in the courtroom. “Ms. Rubin is cool, calm and always collected,” said Matthew McElligott, an attorney with Chicago’s Hall Prangle and Schoonveld. “I know when Ms. Rubin is across the table, her clients will be prepared and my clients better be prepared. Her litigation skills are second to none.” Sommer Luzynczyk, an attorney with Chicago’s Pretzel & Stouffer, said that Rubin’s grit and determination are underrated traits that have helped this young attorney forge a track record of success. “Stephanie is a trustworthy opponent who can be expected to dil- igently work up cases and position them for the best results possible for her clients,” Luzynczyk said. “She is not afraid to face head-on weak- nesses in her cases. I have had the opportunity to see her grow and develop from a diligent law student to an exceptional young attorney. I have faced her as opposing counsel on cases. She can be expected to be prepared, trustworthy and a zealous advocate.” Michael Slovis, equity partner and managing partner of the Chicago office of Cunningham, Meyer & Vedrine, said that Rubin at a young age has beaten some of the most talented defense lawyers in the Chicago area while earning her recent legal wins. The start of 2023 was especially productive: In three cases, Rubin earned verdicts for her clients totaling more than $15 million. In each of these victories, the cases were considered so difficult that a settlement could not be reached before trial. “She is smart, well-prepared and represents her clients with passion,” Slovis said. “Stephanie has established herself in an exclusive class of very talented women’s plaintiff’s attorneys. It is very difficult to balance being at trial and raising children. Stephanie makes it look easy, to the detriment of those who have been against her.” Rubin also finds time to serve her profession. She is a member of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, the Women’s Caucus for ITLA, the Illinois State Bar Association, Decalogue Society and the Women’s Bar Association. “Stephanie is professional, honest, respectful and kind,” said Kristine Reveille, an attorney with Chicago’s Swanson, Martin & Bell. “Stephanie is also a strong advocate who does not shy away from spending the long hours needed to truly understand the medicine at issue in the cases she handles. She is able to craft persuasive and compelling arguments on behalf of her clients.


AGE 39

FIRM Rubin & Machado Ltd.

LAW SCHOOL University of Illinois Chicago School of Law

AREA OF PRACTICE Plaintiff personal injury


Stephanie makes it look easy, to the detriment of those who have been against her.”



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