40 Under Forty 2023

A talent and passion for trial work. That’s part of what sets Anthony “Tony” Sam apart from other medical malpractice de- fense attorneys. Tony has racked up several important victories for his clients during his still young career. This includes one case in which he helped secure a defense verdict in a medical malpractice case involving the death of a man who became a quadriplegic after a fall. That is just one example of the successes Tony has earned in the courtroom. “As long as I have known him, Tony has demonstrated an objective talent and passion for trial work,” said Todd Eiler, an attorney with Chicago’s Alberts Curran & Eiler, P.C. “[Tony] is of the highest character and professionalism. He is respected among his peers for both his steady demeanor and his approachability when discussing legal matters.” When Tony worked at Chicago law firm Cray Huber, a firm that specialized in medical malpractice and insurance defense cases, he was known for winning all but one of the arbitration cases he took on. He also won every traffic matter he handled for commercial transpor- tation clients. Jeannie Keegan, counsel for Uber, said that Tony is intelligent, charis- matic, skilled and able to think on his feet. He quickly identifies problems and can then clearly explain a legal issue in plain speak. These skills have helped Tony successfully litigate many lengthy and complex trials, earning favorable outcomes for his clients. “[Tony] has a command of the courtroom that is exceptional,” Keegan said. “It is no surprise that he has been able to return numerous favorable verdicts, often after trials that have lasted for several days. Many of the verdicts were returned after the jury deliberated for less than an hour. For some of them, [Tony] was the only defense attorney on the case.” Tony doesn’t shy away from fighting for his clients at trial, either. His peers say that he takes cases to trial nearly every year. This includes earning a favorable outcome for a client as recently as January of 2023. “[Tony] has a strong understanding of legal concepts and tends to think like a judge,” said John Senese, an attorney with Chicago’s Hall, Prangle and Schoonveld, LLC. “I find myself regularly going to Sam with complex legal inquisitions just to hear how he feels the judge will rule.” Senese said that he has watched Sam deliver two opening statements in court. Both times, Sam was impressive, Senese said. “[Tony’s] ability to organize the facts in a way that benefits his clients is impressive,” Senese said. “His tone, pacing and diction are a valuable asset. He uses that asset to his advantage when delivering opening statements.” When not at trial, Tony volunteers his time as a coach, helping under- graduate and law students learn about trial advocacy. He is also a mem- ber of Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity, Inc. an organization that promotes positive outreach to the community..


AGE 3 8

FIRM Cunningham, Meyer & Vedrine, P.C.

LAW SCHOOL University of Illinois Chicago School of Law

AREA OF PRACTICE Medical malpractice, insurance coverage and transportation


I find myself regularly going to Sam with complex legal inquisitions just to hear how he feels the judge will rule.”



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