40 Under Forty 2023

D uring his still young career, John Travis has tackled several head- line-grabbing cases. This includes numerous trials taken to ver- dict. And the wide range of clients that he has represented – including healthcare providers, long term care facilities , trucking companies, mu- nicipalities, educational institutions and athletic associations – shows just how varied his successful practice is. His peers recognize that Travis has grown into one of the most skilled medical malpractice defense attorneys in the area. “John is not only a zealous advocate for his clients, but he is also a compassionate one,” said Carolyn Daley, attorney with Chicago’s Power Rogers LLP. “Being opposite John on a wrongful death case, I witnessed his compassion and empathy firsthand. His handling of the plaintiffs’ depositions in that case, being sensitive to the loss of their son but also asking key questions, was exemplary of his skills.” And this is not unusual. Travis has built his career on vigorously repre- senting his clients while never alienating opposing parties. “In working opposite John on cases, he has shown his true character,” Daley said. “He is forthright, honest, fair, compassionate, professional and a person of his word, while still advocating well for his client. He sets an example to younger lawyers of the professionalism that should be displayed in cases. He does not lose sight of who he is as a person while representing his clients.” Ryan Asmus, vice president of legal affairs and general counsel with Rush Copley Medical Center, has hired Travis as outside counsel several times. And every time, he says, he’s been impressed. “For me, I want my lawyers to leave me saying, ‘I wish I had thought of that’ and ‘Wow! That’s really good,’” Asmus said. “John can — and does — do that for me.” Asmus says that Travis can go beyond a cursory analysis of an issue. He impresses with his ability to be concise, insightful and strategic in his work. “This is how a lawyer builds trust with clients,” Asmus said. “As a pur- chaser of legal services, my expectations are exceptionally high, both in terms of the outcomes achieved and the cost-effectiveness of the services. John has earned my trust.” Ronitha Maharaj, assistant vice president of excess claims with Zurich North America, says that Travis also possesses a calm demeanor and has the legal expertise to ensure that clients and his fellow attorneys trust his message. “He is never phased by the battle ahead and handles his clients and cases with a grace and professionalism that is rare in a young attorney,” Maharaj said. “He has a genuine presence that is compelling, disarming and extremely effective in achieving top results in both the mediation and trial setting.”


AGE 39

FIRM Hall Prangle & Schoonveld, LLC

LAW SCHOOL DePaul University College of Law

AREA OF PRACTICE Medical malpractice defense, commercial general liability, long-term care law


He sets an example to younger lawyers of the professionalism that should be displayed in cases.”



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