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F ierce, competent and skilled. These are the words that her peers use to describe Megan Gieseler, a rising star in the family law field at Chicago’s Dussias Wittenberg Koenigsberger LLP. These peers point to Gieseler’s deep understanding of the law, devotion to her clients and ability to craft creative, and winning, arguments as the reasons behind her success at such a young age. They also say that Gieseler has already become one of the best family law attorneys in the Chicago area, and that they expect even more success from this young attorney in the future. Rebecca Krawczykowski, a family law at- torney with Fay, Farrow & Associates, has both known Gieseler as opposing coun- sel and as a fellow board member of the DuPage Association of Women Lawyers. She says that few family law attorneys possess both the legal skills and empathy for her clients that Gieseler combines. “I was so impressed with Megan’s skills that I asked her to be co-counsel with me on a divorce matter,” Krawczykowski said. “Her addition to the team has produced excellent results.” An example of Giseler’s creativity? One nominator pointed to a divorce case in which she suggested a four-way confer- ence with the goal of reaching a settle- ment. The conference often became a heated and emotional one, but Gieseler fostered an air of calm and repeatedly steered conversations back to the goals each side had, helping both parties avoid a costly trial. “Megan possesses outstanding qual- ities that help her to fervently represent

her client,” said Michon Stuttley, attorney and parter with The Stuttley Law Group. “She is extremely thorough, as well as knowledgeable in her field of work. Her gentle demeanor and compassion, make Megan one of the greatest attorneys I’ve ever worked with on a divorce matter. Her work ethic is superior to most, which pushes me to do my best. Her writing, communication and mediation skills are stellar, set her apart from the rest. I can truly say that I have learned a lot from my colleague, Megan Gieseler.” Anique Drouin, partner with STG Di- vorce Law, often refers clients with im- migration issues to Gieseler. Why? She knows that Gieseler has the knowledge, skills and passion to help them navigate a complex system. Drouin also referred a case to Gieseler in which a paternal grand- mother sought to protect her grandchil- dren. Gieseler helped earn a favorable result in court that served that family well, Drouin said. “Megan is an extremely accomplished advocate for her clients, passionate in her representation and unafraid to handle the many complexities found in matrimonial law,” Drouin said. When not advocating for her clients, Gieseler is a member of multiple DuPage County bar associations. She serves as the first vice president of the DuPage Associ- ation of Women Lawyers, an organization that helps promote the interests of wom- en lawyers. She also offers pro bono legal services at the DuPage County Help Desk, acting as a pro bono advocate, and assist- ing with toy drives for families in need.

Her gentle demeanor and compassion, make Megan one of the greatest attorneys I’ve ever worked with on a divorce matter”

AGE 38

FIRM Dussias Wittenberg Koenigsberger LLP LAW SCHOOL Chicago-Kent College of Law AREA OF PRACTICE Family law



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