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J ennifer Huelskamp has become a trusted advisor to her clients. And that trust is evidence that Huelskamp has already forged a reputation as one of the top employment law specialists in the city. Huelskamp’s clients return to her when- ever they face a complicated employment law issue. They do this because Huelskamp boasts an in-depth knowledge of her field. They also appreciate her work ethic, legal smarts and ability to craft creative solu- tions to even the trickiest of problems. “Jennifer is a true professional,” said Daniel Lanciloti, partner in the Chicago office of Fisher Phillips. “She is an intelli- gent, compassionate, hard-working attor- ney who has become a trusted advisor to many of Freeborn’s corporate clients. Jen- nifer has become one of Freeborn’s top employment lawyers.” Lanciloti points to several cases in which Huelskamp and he worked togeth- er. During these cases, Huelskamp tack- led everything from navigating through complicated electronic discovery issues and drafting complaints to motions for temporary restraining orders, motions for preliminary injunctions, affidavits and dis- covery-related motions. It’s not surprising, given these skills, that Huelskamp frequently represents clients in situations involving potentially catastrophic discrimination claims. And in these cases, she’s earned excellent results, completely avoiding litigation in many. “Jennifer is thoughtful and intellectual,” said David Becker, with Dickinson Wright. “She is able to carefully identify the core issues in a matter and highlight those for the benefit of her clients. She provides a compassionate and thoughtful touch in extremely emotional settings.”

In one discrimination case, Huelskamp interviewed numerous client constituents in which some of the interviewees had mixed loyalties to the company and to the plaintiffs. Huelskamp was able to obtain information and weave it into a cohesive narrative. Huelskamp also prepared a case memorandum that helped her client ob- tain insurance coverage, defend the action and identify counterclaims. In another case, Huelskamp recently obtained full summary judgment for an employer on a complicated discrimination case where summary judgment was not anticipated. This avoided costly and un- necessary litigation for her client. “Jennifer is a stellar counselor and legal mind,” said David Ogles, with Fox Swibel Levin & Carroll. “She is exceptional in the internal investigation context and is able to obtain useful, credible informa- tion while maintaining the highest ethical standards. Any time I had an employment law question, I found that Jennifer was up on recent trends and had keen judgment about what arguments would work in court and in settlement discussions.” Since the start of her career, Huelskamp has consistently donated her time to char- itable organizations and bar groups. She is active in the ABA and CBA. She has been a member of the Justice Council, the at- torney board supporting the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law since graduating from the law school and currently serves as its director. She also formerly served on the young professionals board for Horizons for Youth, a non-profit that con- nects underserved children to academic services.

“ Jennifer is a stellar counselor and legal mind”

AGE 38

FIRM Freeborn & Peters LLP LAW SCHOOL Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

AREA OF PRACTICE Employment law



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