40 Under Forty 2022

40 Illinois Attorneys Under 40 to Watch – 20 23 Law Bulletin Publishing Company conducts an annual survey to determine who Illinois attorneys believe are the “up and comers” of law in Illinois. To maintain objectivity, attorneys cannot recommend themselves or attorneys from their law firm, corporation or public entity. The strength of the nomination will be subjectively based upon the reputation of the nominator, the professional relationship between the nominator and the nominee, and the nominator’s first - hand knowledge of the nominee’s experience, sk ill, and character These rules are instituted to maintain the integrity of the nomination process

1) Nominee cannot have reached 40 years of age on or before May 1, 20 23 . 2) Only an Attorney may submit a nomination. 3) An Attorney cannot nominate him/herself.

4) An Attorney cannot nominate attorneys from his/her own firm. 5) There is no limit to the number of Attorneys one can nominate. 6) All information regarding both the nominee and the nominator must be filled out and sent in. All requested information must be completed and submitted by May 1, 20 23 . If you have any questions call Adam Hrejsa at 312-644-2942. Please attach additional page(s) and e-mail to Adam Hrejsa at AHrejsa@LBPC.com or fax to at (312) 644-0542

Nominee Information: Name :____________________________________________________________ Firm/Office/Corporation :___________________________________________ Address :__________________________________________________________ City :__________________________ State :______ Zip :___________________ Phone Number :______________________ Fax :_________________________ E-mail :____________________________________________________________

Age (note the current )

Under 40 rule):


Circle one: Litigator (Circle one) Yes or No Area of Concentration/Extensive Experience : ________________________________________________________ Law School Name : ________________________________________________________________________________ Private Practice Public Sector Corporate Counsel

Please answer questions on additional pages

Question 1) How do you know the nominee and for how long? Question 2) What unique and exceptional results has the nominee achieved that qualify him/her for this honor? Question 3) Please cite examples of this attorney’s unique and exceptional lawyering skills. Question 4) List any Bar and/or community involvement. I am a former 40-Under Forty : Yes No Year_______ Name :____________________________________________________________________________________________ Firm/Office/Corporation :___________________________________________________________________________ Address :__________________________________________________________________________________________ City :___________________________________ State :____________________ Zip :____________________________ Phone Number :__________________________________ Fax :_____________________________________________ E-mail :____________________________________________________________________________________________ Circle one : Private Practice Public Sector Corporate Counsel Litigator (Circle one) : Yes No Confidential nomination: (circle one) Yes No Nominator Information:

Email completed survey to Adam Hrejsa at: AHrejsa@LBPC.com

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