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ADAM J. ZAYED A dam Zayed and his firm, Zayed Law Offices, have recovered more than $50 million in awards for clients. Zayed established the practice in 2009 and has shaped Zayed Law Offices into a thriving personal injury practice that is currently handling hundreds of millions of dollars in personal injury, wrongful death, and med- ical malpractice cases. That is impressive at any age, but even more impressive when you consider that Zayed is only 37 years old and is still in the early innings of his legal career. Propelled by a desire to win cases for clients at trial, Zayed Law Offices has grown into a four-lawyer trial firm that is indisputably handling some of the largest and most important personal injury cases in the State. He and his team have handled dozens of trials. “Adam started his law firm from scratch,” said John (Jack) Brill, Partner at Harter Secrest & Emery LLP’s Buffalo, New York office. “Over the years, [Zayed Law Offices] has developed into a great firm in the field of wrongful death, med- ical malpractice and personal injury law. He has achieved momentous results for clients. He works tirelessly on behalf of his clients.” Zayed's peers say that he is constantly looking for ways to better serve his clients. This includes testing theories, as well as case messaging with his peers. One nomi- nator said that Zayed would prefer to talk about the law over all other subjects.

“He is thorough, deliberate and exhaus- tive,” this nominator said. “I have always marveled at his laser focus. His commit- ment does not lie in creating a successful business. His commitment and focus truly lies in quality client representation, mak- ing sure he is committed to his clients' needs and goals.” Sang Yup Lee, Director of Development for the Chicago Bar Foundation, said that few attorneys are as committed to their clients as Zayed. “Adam is passionate about justice,” Lee said. “The way he talks about the clients he helps and what they face reminds me of the many legal aid/access-to-justice at- torneys with whom I get to work. He now makes a good living helping people fight against powerful forces, but it has taken him years of hard work to get to where he is today. I am impressed by his dedication to his clients and to his craft, and I am very happy for his success.” Zayed is an active member of local, county, state, and national law associa- tions. His writing has been featured in a variety of legal publications, including, Trial Journal of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, for whom he has also served as invited speaker. Zayed has appeared on CBS, WBBM, and WGN among oth- er media outlets to offer legal opinions. Notably, Zayed also has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business with a focus on Marketing, Eco- nomics, and Behavioral Science.

He is thorough, deliberate and exhaustive” “

AGE 37

FIRM Zayed Law Offices LAW SCHOOL University of Notre Dame Law School AREA OF PRACTICE Personal injury and medical malpractice



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