JVR Trial Excellence Awards 2022

I have had the good fortune of knowing Joe his entire legal career. While in law school, Joe was a law clerk for John D. Hayes, Phil Corboy’s first protégé. Joe learned well, as evidenced by his success in the courtroom — which has become legendary. From my perspective, Joe has been suc- cessful because he is likeable, credible, disarming, and tenacious. Jurors like him. Judges and the defense bar respect him. Joe’s dedication to preserving the 7th Amendment is also legendary. His prolific fundraising on behalf of candidates, who are similarly dedicated, has benefited the trial bar immensely but, more importantly, the clients he has represented. Outside the courtroom, Joe’s love and dedication to his family have always been paramount. Joe is compassionate and kind. His generosity toward Leo High School, University of Notre Dame, and Loyola Law School is just an example of his much admired ‘giving back’ attitude. Joe is not only a colleague for whom I have profound respect, but a dear friend whom I hold in high regard. Congratulations, Joe, on this latest and well-deserved accolade.”

Hillary Clinton, Joe Power, his son James Power and then Governor Pat Quinn; Joe Power, Senator Ted Kennedy, Sue Power (Joe’s wife); President Clinton and Joe Power

it ranked as the largest verdict for a homemaker who did not work outside the home. “Male doctors don’t always take the complaints of female pa- tients seriously,” Power said. “This was a classic case of that.” Power worked hard during the jury selection portion of this case, working to place 11 women on the jury. This, he said, played a key role in the verdict. The female jury members un- derstood how often women’s medical complaints are trivial- ized, he said. “I am always proud of any result in which I get to help my cli- ent,” Power said. “I feel responsible for my clients. It’s why I agree to take cases: I want to help my clients. And when I agree to take a case, I’m not afraid to take it to trial. If that gives me the best chance of helping my clients, I’ll go to trial.”

Thomas A. Demetrio, Corboy & Demetrio PC

I have known Joe Power since he started working for Jack Hayes many years ago. During that time I have had many cases with Joe. Joe was, and is, a zealous advocate for his clients. It was always a pleasure to have a case with Joe. You knew he would be well pre- pared, but you also knew it would never be personal. One other aspect of Joe’s character that stands out to me is that his word was, and is his bond.

Whenever I think of Joe trying a case and doing his best for his client, I re- call a trial involving a young man who became a paraplegic. I will never for- get while Joe was cross examining a defense expert, he went down on his back on the courtroom floor and be - gan bouncing his body to demonstrate how his clients neck would have been moving during an ambulance ride due to inadequate immobilization. After six

defense attorneys simultaneously objected, Joe knew he got his point across. P.S. Joe got a $6 million verdict in that case.”

Brian C. Fetzer, Motherway & Napleton LLP


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