JVR Trial Excellence Awards 2022

Joseph Balesteri, partner with Power Rogers, has worked closely with Power throughout his career. He says that Power isn’t exaggerating when he talks about serving his clients. It’s why Power still goes into the office each day and works on weekends. Power’s clients benefit from the attorney’s keen legal mind, too, Balesteri said. In every conversation he’s had with Power about a case, Balesteri said, Power has never needed to look at a file to address the case’s specifics. As Balesteri says, you can sim - ply state the name of a case and Power can tell you what the client said in the initial interview, what the records say and then summarize the most recent developments. “He’s like a walking case file,” Balesteri said. “Before there was ever electronic files, there was Joe Power’s brain. It is absolute - ly wild to think that someone can be as driven as he is. For Joe, it’s all about the clients and getting them their one opportunity to have a better life.”

Joe Power has been at the top of the first page of the Jury Verdict Reporter over the past 40+ years more times than I can count. The reason is simple. He is without a doubt the most committed, hard-work- ing, and talented plaintiff’s attorney in the history of the State of Illinois. I have been fortunate enough to have had a number of million-dollar verdicts includ- ing an award for the largest verdict which for a short time made me feel like a big shot. No matter how much of a big shot I supposedly was, the truth is I cannot carry Joe Power’s briefcase. He is quite simply the best. His commitment to his clients, his partners, his friends, and our profession knows no bounds. You could not have chosen a better man to receive this award. Keep a page of the next Jury Verdict Reporter open. I think he is about to start another case.”

John B. Kralovec, Kralovec Jambois & Schwartz

Giving Joe Power a lifetime achievement award implies Joe Power is finished achieving. That would be a huge mistake and wishful thinking by insurance compa- nies and corporations across the country. Joe is simply the best lawyer I have ever known. He was born to try cases, and God has blessed him with every quality neces- sary to show a jury the path to justice. No one will outwork him. No one will out- smart him. And no one will ever scare him. He can read a jury the way Mozart read music. Put that together and you’ve got a guy whose record for success and excellence in a courtroom is unmatched.” Thomas Q. Keefe, Jr., Keefe Keefe & Unsell PC

Joe Power, Sue Power (his wife), Paul McAuliffe, former Lord Mayor of Dublin, Ireland and James Power, Joe’s son

In total, Power has earned more than 200 jury verdicts in ex- cess of $1 million throughout his career. That’s a sign that Power isn’t afraid to bring cases to trial. It’s also evidence of his courtroom skills. To hear Power tell it, though, there is no secret formula behind his success. The key, he says, is that he never waivers in his commitment to his clients. “You have to be willing to work hard, very hard,” Power said. “Being honest and personable is very important, too. And you can’t try to mislead people. Jurors will pick up on someone who is being dishonest or disingenuous. Honesty is a very im- portant trait when it comes to being successful.”


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