40 Under Forty 2023

W hile Aaron Hersh is a skilled litigator and trial lawyer in the an- titrust and trade-secrets field, some of the most impressive re- sults he has delivered for his clients are settlements and non-litigation resolutions made possible by his unerring ability to build trust with both clients and opponents. As Hersh’s peers say, this young attorney has an unmatched ability to resolve matters before they reach litigation. This saves his clients a significant amount of money and stress. An example? Hersh represented a pharmaceutical company that was accused by its competitors of unlawfully poaching its employees and misappropriating their trade secrets. Through aggressive but reason- able negotiations, Hersh persuaded each of the competitors that their claims were without merit. This likely saved his client hundreds of thou- sands of dollars in legal fees. “This case put a spotlight on how Aaron has a way of advocating with vigor while still maintaining good relations with opposing counsel,” said E.K. McWilliams, who has served as chief counsel of a Chicago-based company. “This potent combination means that Aaron is able to drive results while still building positive long-term relationships in the legal community.” Another nominator and client said that Hersh takes every issue seriously, carefully considers the legal issues at play and offers thought- ful guidance. The client points to a recent patent infringement suit in which Hersh honed in on the flaws in the plaintiff’s claims. Yet, recognizing that rap- id settlement was the best path forward to enable his client to reach its business goals, Hersh promptly resolved the case on extremely favorable terms. “One of the critical skills we look for when we hire outside counsel is an ability to quickly and efficiently process complex information and distill it in a way that allows the business to make informed strategic de- cisions in a timely manner,” the nominator said. “Aaron is tremendously talented and skilled at these tasks. He routinely processes complex legal and factual issues rapidly and is able to communicate them—and their impact on the business and the litigation—succinctly, highlighting the most important issues.” Hersh is also committed to pro bono work. He frequently represents clients asserting Section 1983 and other civil rights claims against law enforcement officers and correctional officers who have violated their constitutional rights. Hersh is also a board member of M-LAB, an association of young professionals who assist Metropolitan Family Services and the Legal Aid Society. “Aaron innately knows what pressure points to push, as well as how to leverage the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of any case,” said another nominator. “But what really sets Aaron apart is his ability to en- sure all teammates perform at the highest levels by providing training and mentorship to junior attorneys. Under his leadership, every member of the team is valued and is motivated to bring their best efforts to bear.”


AGE 37

FIRM Willkie Farr & Gallagher

LAW SCHOOL University of Iowa College of Law

AREA OF PRACTICE Trade secrets, anti-trust, corporate governance


Aaron innately knows what pressure points to push, as well as how to leverage the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of any case.”



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