40 Under Forty 2023

B runo Marasso doesn’t shy away from the most difficult of cases. And this is good news for his clients: This premises and product liability and wrongful death attorney has a history of earning winning results for his clients. During his career, Marasso has earned several multi-million-dol- lar verdicts and settlements for his clients, including a record high $9.05 million verdict in McHenry County. Those who have followed Marasso’s career aren’t surprised by these results. “Knowing Bruno on a personal basis explains why he has such exceptional trial skills,” said Joseph Bisceglia, an attorney with Chica- go’s Jenner & Block. “He is articulate, confident and charismatic. At the same time, he is a humble gentleman. He is a true role model for the legal profession.” Recently, Marasso obtained a verdict against Commonwealth Edison for damaging a bike path that caused his client to suffer a mild trau- matic brain injury. The jurors awarded his clients $9.05 million after a three-week trial. Over the past 12 years, Marasso has achieved several seven-figure settlements for his clients. This includes a $3.8 million settlement for a client injured in a mo- tor vehicle crash, a $2 million settlement for two special-needs chil- dren who were sexually abused by the driver of a school bus and a $2.225 million settlement for a client who suffered a fractured ankle that led to other serious medical problems after slipping on an unnatural accumulation of ice. “Bruno is able to articulate complex arguments in a manner that is easily understood by both judges and juries,” said Sean Houlihan, an attorney with Chicago’s Power Rogers. “He always comes prepared to depositions and is able to establish the evidence that he needs through his questioning. Bruno is a true advocate for his client.” William Warshaw, attorney with Chicago’s Yvonne M. Kaminski & As- sociates, said that he has faced few lawyers as well-prepared and skillful. He points to a case involving a pedestrian and a motor vehicle in which Marasso obtained his client’s policy limits despite a difficult liabil- ity scenario. Warshaw says that this case was the only time in his career in which there was no contact between the vehicle and pedestrian. Marasso’s client was startled by the motorist moving into the crosswalk when the pedestrian had the right of way. Because of this, Marasso’s client fell to the roadway and fractured his spine. The de- fendant’s carrier initially denied the claim. But, thanks in large part to Marasso’s work, the defendant’s insurance carrier eventually tendered its policy limits. “It’s a plaintiff attorney’s job to build and a defense attorney’s job to dismantle,” Warshaw said. “Bruno excels at using each witness in a case to strengthen some portion of his case. By the time a case is ready for trial, the defense feels like it is storming a castle surrounded by a moat. There is little for the defense to pick apart.”


AGE 37

FIRM Romanucci & Blandin

LAW SCHOOL Chicago-Kent College of Law

AREA OF PRACTICE Premises liability, product liability, wrongful death


By the time a case is ready for trial, the defense feels like it is storming a castle surrounded by a moat.”



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