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E xceptional. It’s the word that often pops up when fellow attorneys are describing real estate law specialist Kelly Greco. And why not? Greco is known for work- ing tirelessly for her clients, always search- ing for the best possible solution to their real estate-related challenges. Greco’s peers praise her, too, for her deep under- standing of her niche, her ability to devel- op creative solutions for her clients and her unwavering ethics. Anthony Casaccio, associate general counsel with Cresco Labs, has firsthand knowledge of Greco’s skills. During the last eight years, he’s worked on sever- al real estate transactions with Greco. Today, Greco is Casaccio’s preferred outside counsel. He says that there’s no other real estate attorney that he’d prefer working with. “She’s the most responsive and atten- tive attorney I have worked with,” Casac- cio said. “She’s practical, knowledgeable and incredibly attentive to our company’s objectives. She shows exemplary skills on a daily basis.” Greco has built a reputation as an at- torney who can handle the most complex of matters while communicating the chal- lenges of a case to her clients in a way each of these clients can clearly under- stand. She’s known, too, for her willing- ness to take on new challenges. Greco’s peers say that this attorney never shies away from even the most challenging of cases.

“When I think about what kind of lawyer I want to be, Kelly is the standard,” said Holly Galvin, partner with Martensen, Niemann & Sorensen. “She’s organized, thoughtful, intelligent and kind. She somehow handles everything that comes her way efficiently and effectively and you never see her sweat.” Throughout her career, Greco has built a steady stream of repeat clients. That’s largely because of the results she delivers: Greco has a knack for identifying and ob- taining the best solutions for her clients. But Greco is also skilled at building an exceptional rapport with her clients, say her fellow attorneys. This, they say, is unusual for an attorney at such an early stage of her career. Hugh Drake, partner with Brown, Hay & Stephens LLP, said that this combination of skills sets Greco apart from other real estate attorneys. “Among all the associates with whom I’ve worked during over 22 years in prac- tice, Ms. Greco was the most insightful and intellectually curious,” Drake said. “I had no concerns of her being in direct contact with our clients, even as a first- year associate. I think this speaks to her empathy. She was able to put herself into the client’s shoes and approach the work with that sense of care.” Greco also gives time to her profession. She has written several articles for the Illi- nois Bar Journal and the ISBA Real Proper- ty newsletter. She has also been active in CREW - Commercial Real Estate Women and the American Bar Association.

When I think about what kind of lawyer I want to be, Kelly is the standard”

AGE 36

FIRM Polsinelli

LAW SCHOOL Southern Illinois University Law School

AREA OF PRACTICE Real estate law



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