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S ince he made the move to the plaintiffs’ side of the personal injury field, Terence Naughton has earned more than $20 million in settlements for his clients, many of whom have suffered serious injuries. This includes a $9.2 million settlement in a truck crash and a $2 million settle- ment for a young client struck by a mo- tor vehicle in a garage. Naughton has also earned a settlement of $2 million for the estate of a child burned in a bathtub at an apartment complex and a $1.35 million settlement for a good Samaritan who was injured while pushing a stalled vehicle. Thomas Prindable, an attorney with Corgan & Power in Chicago, first met Naughton when this talented legal mind was working as a defense attorney. Prindable says that Naughon was always well-prepared, civil and passionate in rep- resenting his clients. Today? Prindable says that Naughton displays the same winning attributes, this time as he fights for plaintiffs. “Terry’s legal work is a testament to his maturity in the law, and his experience as a defense attorney has helped him ap- preciate how attorneys on both sides of a case think and how adjusters evaluate cases,” Prindable said. Kevin Burke, attorney with Coplan and Crane, said that Naughton understands that he has a responsibility to provide his clients with the best possible representa- tion. He has a deep respect, too, for the legal system, Burke said. This combination is one reason why Naughton is already succeeding in the

plaintiffs’ side of the personal injury are- na, Burke said. Naughton is committed to his clients and works long hours to earn the best results for them. He never takes shortcuts and is never outworked. “Similar to my path, Terry began as a defense attorney,” Burke said. “He learned the values of hard work, organizational skills and the tools for case analysis. He has now added a commitment to service of his clients. Being able to evaluate a case from both sides is rare. This experience also allows him to respect his opponents.” Jeff Scolaro, attorney with Daley Mohan Groble P.C., said that those who are in- jured need attorneys who are as dedi- cated as Naughton is to them. As Scolaro says, Naughton represents clients who have been hit with tragedies. They need a zealous advocate to fight for them. “Terry is a great lawyer,” Scolaro said. “When he was on the defense side, he always displayed an incredible talent for cutting to the heart of the matter and displayed a dedication to his clients that I know he has carried to his practice on the plaintiff side of the fence. Terry also was great at picking off claims that he knew the plaintiff counsel not prove, limiting the exposure for his clients. Terry’s expe- rience as a defense attorney really helps him understand how attorneys think on both sides of the ‘v’.” When not representing his clients, Naughton has been a busy member of the Chicago Bar Association and volunteer for the Knights of Columbus. He has also routinely given CLE presentations.

Terry is a great lawyer”

AGE 38

FIRM Krzak Rundio Law Group, LLC LAW SCHOOL Valparaiso University School of Law AREA OF PRACTICE Personal injury, trucking, construction, auto law



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