40 Under Forty 2022



D avid Neiman has been appointed to leadership positions helping direct the strategy in some of the biggest and most significant cases in the country. This includes his work representing the victims of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 and the residents of Rockton, Illinois, who lost the use of their property following a massive industrial fire at the Chemtool Incorporat- ed chemical plant in June of 2021. While these two cases have drawn headlines, Neiman, a partner with Chica- go’s Romanucci & Blandin, has a long his- tory of taking on big cases and delivering equally big wins for his clients. What fuels this success? Neiman’s peers cite this young attorney’s deep knowledge of the law, his fierce work ethic, and his unwavering dedication to his clients. They also point to his courtroom presence and his ability to craft winning legal strategies. “David is a very strong and insightful law- yer,” said Adam Levitt, partner with DiCello Levitt Gutzler. “Among his skills is his al- most uncanny ability to get to the heart of a problem and propose meaningful and creative solutions to that problem. He’s also very skilled in working in large groups of lawyers, which, as a plaintiffs’-side law- yer, is an important skill to have.” One nominator, a judge before whom Neiman has appeared several times, said this young attorney has mastered the art of leading complex cases. He points to a case involving about 60 plaintiffs. Neiman effectively organized and led a coordinat- ed response to discovery and settlement negotiations, the judge said. “David has shown outstanding skill in coordinating discovery and motion prac- tice and has particularly distinguished

himself in complex civil litigation involving multiple parties,” the judge said. Others cite Neiman’s ability to under- stand when it makes more sense to go to trial and when a settlement is the better choice for his clients. This is a particular- ly important skill for attorneys: Trials are expensive and time-consuming. Knowing when a settlement makes sense can save clients a significant amount of both stress and dollars. “David has a very good sense of knowing when to fight and when to compromise,” said Ryan Stephan, partner and found of Stephan Zouras, LLP. “As an advocate for plaintiffs with a variety of interests and claims, this is both a critical and rare skill to have. And, regardless of the route or his opponent, David maintains a high level of professionalism, respect and ethics.” Neiman also devotes time to his com- munity. He was actively involved in the North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic, serv- ing as this board’s chairman from 2017 through 2019. Under Neiman’s leadership, the clinic expanded from a local legal aid clinic serving two communities to one that serves more than 10 in the areas of immigration, domestic violence and land- lord and tenant issues. He is also actively involved on the board of directors for the Deerfield Park Foundation, which offers financial assis- tance to those in need, serving as chair- man of the board from 2020-2021. Nei- man finds time, too, to serve on the audit and finance committee of Lambs Farm, an organization that provides vocational and residential services to adults with devel- opmental disabilities.

David is a very strong and insightful lawyer”

AGE 39

FIRM Romanucci & Blandin LAW SCHOOL William and Mary School of Law, Northwestern University School of Law AREA OF PRACTICE Personal injury, product liability, environmental and toxic torts



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